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Improve your home's comfort, your health and energy efficiency with our comprehensive home performance services.
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Our multi-family energy efficiency services can increase resident comfort, improve aesthetics, reduce operating costs, and raise property values.
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Reduce utilities costs, improve energy efficiency and increase comfort and productivity.
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Your 1st Choice for COMFORT, $AVING$ and CONSERVATION

1st Choice Energy offers a variety of energy efficiency services that help improve comfort, lower utility bills (save money) and conserve energy for property owners in the greater Austin area. We perform several types of energy audits and data collection with varying degrees of complexity to help you better understand your current level of energy efficiency and consumption and identify areas for improvement.  We directly perform the upgrade work while closely coordinating with you regarding available incentives for a truly hassle-free, one-stop-shopping solution.  If you'd like to improve your comfort, save money and conserve energy, we'll make recommendations based on proven building science principles, smoothly execute the installation of those energy efficiency upgrades, then help you get the maximum rebate or tax credit at the local and federal levels.

Home Energy Audits  |  Light Commercial Audits  |  Energy Efficiency Upgrades

1st Choice Energy provides the following services:

  • Energy Audits
  • High Efficiency HVAC System Installation
  • Duct Sealing
  • Weatherization
  • Attic Insulation
  • Solar Screens
  • CFL & LED Lighting
  • Water Saving Devices
  • Programmable Thermostats