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Your home’s ductwork is just as important as the heating or cooling unit to which it’s connected. Properly sized and sealed ductwork is key to comfort, indoor air quality and efficient heating and cooling in your Texas home.

The Importance of Your Austin-Area Home’s Ductwork

Ducts contain the “rivers” of heated or cooled air that are distributed to all areas of your home. They can function well if they are are the proper size and are well sealed. If the ducts are too small or leak air, they don’t deliver enough valuable hot or cool air to the rooms where it’s needed. They make your furnace or air conditioner work much harder to force air through the ducts to rooms in your home. Another important component of your ductwork is the return ducts which recycle air back to be heated or cooled.

Ductwork Plays a Big Role in Indoor Air Quality

Your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) depends, in part, on having well-sealed ductwork. Small leaks can allow contaminants into the air conditioning or heating ductwork, which are then distributed throughout your home. Allergens that are commonly found inside homes include:

  • Gases and fumes resulting from combustion

  • Pollen, dust mites and pet dander

  • Viruses, bacteria and mold

  • Chemicals from household cleaning products, fabrics, carpets and furniture

While some people are not noticeably affected by many these contaminants, they can significantly affect family members who suffer from asthma or allergies. These indoor pollutants can leave unpleasant smells or cause illness or breathing problems if not properly addressed. Ductwork sealing is an easy way to address indoor air quality problems. 1st Choice Energy can inspect your ductwork to determine if any leakage needs to be addressed.

Ductwork Replacement & Redesign for Your New HVAC System

If your heating and cooling system is ten years old or older, replacing your heating and cooling will dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. When 1st Choice Energy inspects your home for HVAC replacement, we will measure and assess your home’s inside volume to ensure that the air conditioner, furnace or heat pump is properly sized for your home’s unique dimensions. Once the size of the appliance is determined, we’ll take a look at your existing ductwork system. Our team will make sure that the ducts are not making the new HVAC work too hard and will check for leaks that can affect the efficiency and comfort of the new system. If your current ductwork is not well-matched to your new system, our residential HVAC duct design team will develop plans for new ductwork that maximizes your home’s efficiency and comfort.

Boost home comfort, efficiency and safety with well-designed ductwork. Contact us to schedule an evaluation!

  • Thank you for the quick and professional service.  We appreciated the thoroughness of Mr. Deron Neblett.  He was very good in explaining his findings and answering our questions.  We would definitely recommend your company to others.

    Joel and Judy Raymond
  • David did an energy audit on the house I bought.  He explained as he went along what he was doing and what would need done. Part of the attic needed added insulation, which he arranged to have done which was a great help to me. He was friendly and professional.

    Cathy G.
  • I wanted to let you know how very happy I was with the energy audit conducted by 1st Choice Energy. The work was done with care to get the most accurate evaluation possible.

    Mary Claire G.
  • I recently used 1st Choice Energy to perform a required Austin energy audit on my parent's home that I am assisting them in selling. They responded to my initial inquiry quickly, quoted a great price right then, and was able to schedule the audit within the next few days.

    David Shockley
  • Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for a job well done. You were knowledgeable and did a thorough study of the house. You were professional, skilled and conscientious.

    D. Linette Beal-Stubbs
  • 1st Choice Energy did a great job from start to finish on the weatherization work for my new home purchase!

  • 1st Choice Energy gave excellent advice on what needed to be done to install a new A/C unit and to add insulation in our 60 year old house. They did the estimate which turned out to be by far the lowest.

  • 1st Choice Energy is simply The Best! Very friendly and professional, they know what they're doing and they do it quickly and thoroughly. They were on time and trustworthy, and explained the inspection process and the energy-saving recommendations clearly and logically.

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  • 1st Choice Energy was great to work with. They was very responsive and able to get everything set up for us very quickly. We had AC and weatherization work done. I would highly recommend 1st Choice Energy, especially if you're going through the Austin Energy Rebate or Loan route.

  • I wholeheartedly recommend the services provided 1st Choice Energy.  When I first learned that I needed an energy audit before my final inspection could be completed, I was a little nervous about what needed to be done.